Spiritus – Light and Dark

A shortchanged film montage of most of Spiritus – we’ll have an official copy for the website in due course: this is to give the impression of how beautiful the piece was. Ross and Karen attended the latest Ordered Universe workshop together, in Durham in September last yea. This took the treatises On the Sphere, On theContinue reading “Spiritus – Light and Dark”

Spiritus: Ordered Universe at the Bouygues UK Cambridge e-Luminate Festival: ‘Let There be Light!’

Friday 10th: Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge, 15.00-19.30: Ordered Universe will be presenting Let There be Light! Medieval and Modern Science on Light, which starts with a series of short talks from 15.00 – 17.00 on the project, its research and the new projection by Ross Ashton and Karen Monid which forms part of the e-LuminateContinue reading “Spiritus: Ordered Universe at the Bouygues UK Cambridge e-Luminate Festival: ‘Let There be Light!’”

Spiritus – Sneak Preview

An early preview of Spiritus – Light and Dark, for the Bouygues UK Cambridge e-luminate Festival next week. Thanks to Ross Ashton and Karen Monid for sharing the images – a wonderful collision of scientific ideas past and present, Hildegard of Bingen as well as Grosseteste, Dark Matter and the Galaxy Formation. Appetite whetted? Come toContinue reading “Spiritus – Sneak Preview”

New Members of the Ordered Universe Team

Ordered Universe has two new members of the team starting this month, whom we can  welcome officially to their respective roles. Our Administrative Co-ordinator Dr Rachael Matthews stood down at the end of 2016.  We all owe Rachael a enormous debt of gratitude for her tireless work in ensuring a proper platform for the project, designing theContinue reading “New Members of the Ordered Universe Team”

Project Cosmos: Cambridge e-Luminate Festival

The Ordered Universe has another artistic collaboration up and running. Project Cosmos, funded by Durham University, is a collaboration with projection artists Ross Ashton and Karen Monid from The Projection Studio. Drawing on previous experience of working together for World Machine, in tandem with the Durham Institute of Computational Cosmology, for Durham Lumiere 2015 (returning in 2017), the projectContinue reading “Project Cosmos: Cambridge e-Luminate Festival”

Ordered Universe at the Royal Society Public Lectures: Open House

The Ordered Universe, in the persons of Brian Tanner and Giles Gasper, will be delivering a public lecture at the Royal Society as part of its Open House Weekend.

2014 Conference: International Grosseteste Society

The next International Robert Grosseteste Society conference takes place 18-20 July, in Lincoln, organised by Jack Cunningham at Bishop Grosseteste University. It promises to be a wonderful event, under the theme of: Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle-Ages Several core members of the Ordered Universe project will beContinue reading “2014 Conference: International Grosseteste Society”

Kalamazoo Session 2 – re-thinking Southern, reform and knowledge

 Our second session dedicated to medieval science provided three papers focused around the issue of scientia as knowledge within 12th century monastic contexts. Church reform and the place of the monastic curriculum in the final decades of the 11th and first of the 12th centuries, the place of reason and knowledge in Cistercian thought, and aContinue reading “Kalamazoo Session 2 – re-thinking Southern, reform and knowledge”

Porto Experiences Thursday 27th June: De luce, Education and the History of Science

Thursday and the team kept at it, moving through the rest of the De luce, through the creation of the 9 celestial spheres (they are not named by Grosseteste but presumably followed the pattern 1 First Mover, 2 Fixed Stars, 3 Saturn, 4 Jupiter, 5 Mars, 6 Sun, 7 Venus, 8 Mercury, 9 Moon) and thenContinue reading “Porto Experiences Thursday 27th June: De luce, Education and the History of Science”