Clive Siviour Durham 2016

Imaging Fast Phenomena: Waves, Vibrations and High Speed Photography

Clive Siviour’s public lecture as part of the Ordered Universe symposium in Durham, 2nd September, 2016, delivered in St Chad’s College, Durham University, in the Williams Library. Focusing on fast phenomena and material deformation, the lecture provides an overview of Clive’s research and academic interests; and showcases the multi-disciplinary range of the Ordered Universe project. Just as a microscope opens up the world of small distances, high speed photography opens the world of short times.  Since the advent of photography itself, people have attempted to visualise events that are too fast for the human eye.  This talk gives an overview of both early and modern techniques used to build cameras capable of thousands, and now millions, of frames per second.  It also explores some applications of high speed imaging in science and engineering.

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