Interdisciplinary Readings of Medieval Science: Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253)

The Ordered Universe Project is an international research project dedicated to the scientific works of the remarkable English thinker Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253).  The project has been running since 2010, and is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK). Based at Durham University and the Universities of Oxford and York, UK, we branch across the world with partners at University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy; McGill University, Montreal; Georgetown University, Washington D.C.; American University of Beirut; Trinity College Dublin; Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln and core team members from the Humboldt University, Berlin; the University of Milan; the University of Cambridge and the University of Reading. Over 150 scholars have engaged with the project in various capacities, and from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds: science, social science and humanities.

The project is working on a seven volume series with Oxford University Press, to present new editions, English translation, and extensive analyses of the scientific works by Grosseteste. Alongside this we produce papers for scientific, and humanities journals, exploring the inspiration for modern thinking of reflections on natural phenomena from the Middle Ages (the results have been surprising and spectacular). Ordered Universe also includes within its collaborative ethos creative artists over a wide range of media, a series of activities for public audiences, and an education strand working with schools to encourage access to university.

All of these enterprises are to be found on this website:

  • The Ordered Universe team
  • The academic programme: research symposia, conferences, colloquia and seminars
  • Publications
  • Public events (from Festivals to Exhibitions)
  • Creative Collaborations: Glass-Art, Projection, Multi-Media Sculpture, Photography and Film
  • Resources for the academic and wider communities
  • News and media coverage
  • Our active blog for updates on what we’ve been up to

The project has a lively twitter-feed, facebook site, and the website email below. To contact the project directly please use:

Currently funded by an AHRC Major Award the Ordered Universe was supported 2012-2014 by an AHRC International Network Award. Additional funding has been provided by Durham University (Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies including the Joanna Barker Research Strand ‘Senses’, and University Research Committee), the Mahfouz Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research, Pembroke College, Oxford, the Lincoln Record Society and Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, and Georgetown University. The project was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards for Research Project of the Year, 2014.

Image credit NASA and STScI from the HubbleSite