We open up the fascinating world of medieval science. Ordered Universe currently focuses on the scientific writings of the polymath Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253). Light, Colour, the Rainbow, Comets, Sound, Astronomy, Movement, and the Elements, are just some of the themes he takes. The reception of Islamicate thought in Europe, and the issues of observation and experiment are key areas for study as well.


We work with a radically interdisciplinary methodology – bringing together medieval specialists, modern scientists, and social scientists. All bring their particular perspectives to discover, and re-discover, the past. Latinists, Arabists, Historians, Philosophers, Physicists, Vision Scientists, Engineers, Educationalists, all join in together in collaborative reading and writing.


We create new ways of working together, and inspire new science inspired by the observations of the past. Allowing a partnership to exist across the centuries as well as across disciplines stimulates all sorts of unexpected discoveries. We also work across sectors, with creative artists – from sound and light producers, to filmmakers, multi-media sculptors, and glass artists. We also work with schools outreach. And all of this globally

Ordered Universe – a Global Collaboration