Interdisciplinary Readings of Medieval Science: Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253)

Welcome to the Ordered Universe Project. Dedicated to fresh and original examinations of medieval science the project focuses on interdisciplinary readings of the scientific works of the remarkable English thinker Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253).  Supported by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), research grant 2015-2019, it is based at Durham and Oxford Universities, UK, with other partners across the UK and internationally (McGill, Montreal; Georgetown, Washington D.C.; American University of Beirut, Lebanon; University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy; Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln).

This website will allow you to engage with our exploration of  Grosseteste’s world. Use the links at the top of this page to find details of the Ordered Universe team, our research symposia and our public events (lectures, creative and artistic partnerships). Follow coverage of the project in the news and our publications. Discover the resources we make available (textual and visual) and related projects. The blog meanwhile charts our day-to-day activities. The categories and archives links at the bottom of the page enable searches for specific material such as the individual treatises on which we have worked. Watch the project unfold by signing up to the Twitter-feed and email below. To contact the project please use:

Currently funded by an AHRC Major Award the Ordered Universe was supported 2012-2014 by an AHRC International Network Award. Additional funding has been provided by Durham University (Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies including the Joanna Barker Research Strand ‘Senses’, and University Research Committee), the Mahfouz Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research, Pembroke College, Oxford, the Lincoln Record Society and Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The project was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards for Research Project of the Year, 2014.

Image credit NASA and STScI from the HubbleSite