Forthcoming Research Symposia

IMRS Ordered Universe WorkshopOur collaborative symposia are the lifeblood of the project. What follows is a record of the main collaborative symposia we have held, from the birth of the project to read scientific works of the High Middle Ages in an interdisciplinary forum, to the most recent sessions which start the detailed process of working through the rest of Grosseteste’s scientific corpus. The process of team-building is a long one, and involves forging bonds of trust, personally and intellectually, between team members, and across disciplines. Each workshop advances the project, sharpens translations and interpretative questions, introduces new issues and new participants. Symposia are democratic and open to all, current and retired staff, post-docs, PhD and MA students and undergraduates.

Forthcoming Symposia:

January, 7-9, 2020: 

Light, the Universe, and Everything:
Robert Grosseteste’s De cometis, De lineis, De natura locorum, De iride and De colore

University of York, UK, Centre for Medieval Studies

Rainbow-coloursOur final symposium in the current series, and we finish with Grosseteste’s final scientific treatise, the De irideOn the Rainbow. This is accompanied by the related treatise, On Colour, the paired treatises On the Nature of Places and On Lines, and the earlier treatise On Comets. All three speak to Grosseteste’s evolving interest in light, light and sight rays, and optical theory.  We are delighted to be hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York for this symposium.

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