Philipp Nothaft – Durham, Being Human 2016

Medieval Time Reckoning and the Dating of Easter

A public talk given as part of the Being Human Festival 2016 in Durham. Dr Philipp Nothaft delves into the complexities and controversies of calendrical calculation in the Christian tradition. Moving from the period of the early church to the Reformation Philipp explores the various attempts to reform the calendar and the scientific, observational and cultural changes and challenges that medieval scholars identified and attempted to address. The talk took place in Durham Cathedral Chapter House, under the aegis of the Begin Human Festival, the Ordered Universe project and the Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies. Additional sponsors included the Durham Institutes of Advanced Studies and Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and the Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University. This is also the first in a series of lectures between Ordered Universe, the Michael Ramsey Centre and Durham Cathedral on ‘A Cultural History of the Medieval Universe’. With thanks to all involved, all of the graduate supporters and Dr Thomas Ball for filming.  The Chapter House acoustic will require you to turn the sound up!