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The Ordered Universe has generated a good deal of interest in various media outlets. This page groups them together, and we’ll continue to add to it. For media contacts:


Dr Giles E. M. Gasper (Durham University): g.e.m.

– Medieval Historian and project Principal Investigator, Associate Director Durham Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies

HannahDr Hannah E. Smithson (University of Oxford):

– Vision Scientist and project Co-Investigator

Tom2Professor Tom McLeish (Durham University):

– Physicist and former PVC Research, Durham University


Richard3Professor Richard Bower (Durham University):

– Cosmologist, Durham Institute of Computational Cosmology


image001Ordered Universe in the Media

Podcasts: Physics World, Tom C. B McLeish, Brian Tanner, Hannah E. Smithson and Giles E. M. Gasper, ‘The Monk and the Multiverse‘ (23.8.16), Nature, Tom C. B. McLeish, Richard G. Bower, Brian K. Tanner, Hannah E. Smithson, Cecilia Panti, Neil Lewis & Giles E. M. Gasper, ‘A Medieval Multiverse‘ including podcast by Tom McLeish(12.3.14), Royal Society, Hannah Smithson, Giles Gasper and Tom McLeish, ‘The Medieval Science of Light’ Lecture Podcast and Visual (7.3.14)

Broadsheet: The Telegraph, ‘Light works: 2015 Lumiere Durham Light Festival, in pictures‘ (13.11.15), The Guardian, Christopher Thomond ‘Durham lights up for the Lumiere Festival’ (12.11.15), The Telegraph, Science Blog, Michael Brooks ‘The medieval bishop who helped to unweave the rainbow‘ (27.11.14), PúblicoAna Gerschenfeld, ‘Uma cosmologia medieval reformulada pela matemática moderna‘ (18.3.14), Süeddeutsche, Christoph Behrens, ‘Urknall im Mittelalter‘ (19.3.14)

Local Newspapers: Durham Times, Tony Kearny ‘Secrets of the World Machine‘ (19.11.15), Northern Echo, Mark Tallentire ‘Lights, cameras, action: Lumiere 2015 is here‘ (11.11.15), Lincolnshire Echo, Rachael Cousins, ‘Campaign to erect statue of Bishop Robert Grosseteste in Lincoln Launches’ (27.7.14),  Northern Echo, Mark Tallentire ‘A Medieval multiverse – 13th century bishop’s creation theory not so far off the mark‘ (23.4.14), article appeared in the Durham Times (23.4.14)

Magazine: EconomistPeter Haynes, ‘Unearthing a 13th-century metaverse‘ (30.4.14), New Statesmen, Michael Brooks, The Big Bang is not as modern as you think‘ (27.3.14); New Scientist, Lisa Grossman, ‘Medieval multiverse heralded modern cosmic conundrums‘ (13. 3.14) .BBC Sky at Night Magazine, Paul Cockburn, ‘Medieval Big Bang‘ (1.3.13), New Scientist, Michael Brooks, ‘Medieval modern master: Color Decoded before its time‘ (14.3.12)

News blogs: The Conversation, Tom Mcleish, Giles Gasper, Hannah Smithson, ‘Our latest scientific research partner was a medieval bishop‘, (7.6.2015), The Conversation, Tom McLeish, Giles Gasper, Hannah Smithson, ‘Medieval bishop’s theory resembles modern concept of multiple universes‘ (24.4.14), reported further at: This medieval bishop theorized a ‘multiverse’ 700 years before modern science‘ (28.4.14),, ‘Die Physik der Kristallsphären‘ German language translation of ‘A Medieval Multiverse‘ Nature (17.4.14), Science News Tom Siegfried, ‘Medieval cosmology meets modern mathematics‘ (12.3.14),, First Mathematical Model of 13th Century ‘Big Bang’ Cosmology‘ (12.3.14), Ciencias Miztas, Javier Yanes, ‘La percepción de Grosseteste era asombrosa incluso para un físico moderno‘ (12.3.14), Ciencias Miztas, Javier Yanes, ‘El obispo medieval que descubrió el Big Bang y los universes parallels‘ (7.3.14),, Katia Moskvitch, ‘How a Medieval Philosopher Dreamed Up the ‘Multiverse’‘ (1.4.14), article carried by Huffington Post (2.4.14) and by (2.4.14),

Blogs and Notices: AHRC Science in Culture, Guest Blog ‘AHRC at the Cheltenham Science Festival’ (11.6.15), AHRC Science in Culture Guest Blog (7.3.2014), Mathematical model of medieval cosmology produces the same conundrums modern cosmologists face‘ (12.3.14), The Bubble,  Rory Tingle ‘Durham Researchers Reveal Story of the Medieval Bishop who Predicted Modern Science (nearly…)‘ (26.4.14),, ‘Medieval Philosophers Were Familiar With The Many-Worlds Concept Has Modern Science Just Re-Discovered The Multiverse Theory?’ (3.4.14), Medieval Histories, ‘Grosseteste‘ (24.4.13)

Interviews: ITV Tyne Tees – Richard Wilson, What science can learn from a thirteenth century bishop‘, Tom McLeish and Giles Gasper (19.11.14)  BBC Newcastle – Ingrid Hagemann Sunday Show, Giles Gasper (27.4.14), BBC Newcastle – Ingrid Hagemann Show, Giles Gasper (16.11.14)

Visualisations: The Medieval Cosmos, published on YouTube (21.11.14),

Ordered Universe activities 2010-2014


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