Creative Collaborations


Ordered Universe has inspired a number of creative artists each responding to different aspects of Grosseteste’s thought and its interpretation within the team. The collaborations have taken different forms, from exhibitions, to sound and light projections, and from short films to contemporary glass art. The practice of collaboration is in the DNA of the Ordered Universe project – in that spirit we organise reading and knowledge exchange sessions with our artistic partners, invite them to our core research symposia, and learn from the different perspectives and skills they bring. It is a transformative aspect of the project, and one of the most dynamic. Below you’ll find links to the artists, their work with Ordered Universe and their wider portfolios.

medieval earth - 4 elements

Ross Ashton and Karen Monid: The Projection Studio



Alexandra Carr: Multi-Media Sculptor



Cate Watkinson: the UK National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland 



Colin Rennie: the UK National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland





Alan Fentiman: Film-maker 



Rosie Reed Gold: Photographer


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