Travels+Through+Time+New+Logo+Blue  Travels Through Time, Giles Gasper ‘A Dazzling Mind and Magna Carta‘. Recorded in February 2020, Giles talks with Artemis Irvine about 1215, Magna Carta, the Fourth Lateran Council and what a certain Robert Grosseteste was up to at the same time.

 Science Stories, Tom McLeish ‘The Medieval Bishop’s Big Bang Theory‘ (14.6.17). Together with Mary Jane Rubenstein, Tom talks about Grossetetse’s De luce, and the interdisciplinary work of the Ordered Universe. 

In Our Time, Jack Cunningham: ‘Roger Bacon‘ (20.4.17). Together with Melvyn Bragg and other experts (Amanda Power and Elly Truitt), Jack discusses Roger Bacon’s life and legacy, including his relationship and debt to Robert Grosseteste. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.11.36Physics World,  Tom McLeish, Brian Tanner, Hannah Smithson and Giles Gasper in conversation with Margaret Harris: ‘The Monk and the  Multiverse‘(23.8.16). Created around the Cheltenham Science Festival 2015, and from Harris’s visit to Durham.


Royal Society, Giles Gasper and Brian Tanner: ‘A Thirteenth Century Theory of Everything,’ (19.9.15). Delivered as part of the Open House London Public Lecture series in 2015, the talk explores Grosseteste’s background and interest in geometrical mathematics

natureNature, Tom C. B. McLeish, Richard G. Bower, Brian K. Tanner, Hannah E. Smithson, Cecilia Panti, Neil Lewis & Giles E. M. Gasper: ‘A Medieval Multiverse,’ (12.3.14) including podcast with Tom McLeish talking on the Ordered Universe research on the treatise on light, De luce, and how we modelled the medieval universe(s). 

RSRoyal Society, Hannah Smithson, Giles Gasper and Tom McLeish: ‘The Medieval Science of Light’, Lecture Podcast and Visual (7.3.14). Delivered as part of the History of Science Public Lecture Series: Light, Colour and the Life of Robert Grosseteste.