Public Lectures on Film

Order, the Universe and Everything:

The World of Robert Grosseteste

Giles Gasper delivering a public lecture as part of the Ordered Universe Symposium On the Liberal Arts and On the Generation of Sounds: Robert Grosseteste’s Early Treatises and their Reception. The lecture was given on Friday 27th November at Durham University. The historical background to Grosseteste’s early life is explored: the schools he attended at Lincoln, his early career at Hereford and the composition of his treatises On the Liberal Arts and On the Generation of Sounds. Contemporaries and teachers such as William de Montibus and Gerald of Wales make their appearance, alongside Simon du Fresne of Hereford and the mysterious Dinah the Geometer. The place of learning, and scientific learning, in the human experience, for Grosseteste, forms the final reflections.

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