New Team Member

It is a great pleasure to introduce Dr Rebekah White, who will take up the second post-doctoral research position within the Ordered Universe. Rebekah will be based in Oxford, working with Hannah Smithson in the Department of Experimental Psychology, and will be drawing together scientific commentary on Grosseteste’s treatises on natural philosophy, as well as teasing out the inspiration for modern science through experiment and wider discussion. We are very glad to have Rebekah on board, and look forward very much indeed to working with her. In her own words:

Oxnet Access Scheme Summer School 2017 – What the students said…

From the Ordered Universe themed summer school for the Oxnet Access to University scheme, a short film with some of the very talented student participants. A reminder of the  quality of their questions, and keenness to contribute and engage, and of an uplifting week in Pembroke College under the inspired leadership of Dr Peter Claus. The Oxnet programme is coming to the North-East of England this year, with the launch of a hub based at Southmoor Academy. We can’t wait!

Many thanks to David Shacklette for conducting the interviews.

Spiritus in Oxford

Images from the Projection Studio’s presentation of Spiritus: Light and Dark inspired by the Ordered Universe project in Oxford last night. Projected as part of the Night of Heritage Light, the backdrop was the Museum of Natural History, and an amazing spectacle emerged! An excellent opportunity to see Spiritus in a different location and to deepen the collaboration with the Projection Studio. More from this collaboration at the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival in February next year, but for now, what a wonderful evening it must have been yesterday! Thank you to Ross Ashton for the pictures.

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Creating the Cosmos: From Dante to Dark Matter – Public Talk

Public Talk from the Sculpting with Light Team…Ushaw College, September 21st.

Sculpting With Light

The last in the series of public talks from the Sculpting with Light project takes place on September 21st, 6pm-7.30pm at Ushaw College. Entry is free, and there will be an opportunity to see work in progress from the project in a show and tell, also at Ushaw from 3.30-5.30 pm. The talk will introduce the sculpture of the medieval universe Alexandra is creating for the Durham University Dante exhibition, and explore the thought of 13th century thinkers, principally Robert Grosseteste on the physical nature of the universe, its structures and its existence, with a final consideration of Dante’s majestic vision of the cosmos at the end of his Divine Comedy. Please do come along, and spread the word.

Dante to Dark Matter

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Heritage Light in Oxford: Spiritus Projection

The Projection Studio, as part of their continued collaboration with the Ordered Universe, will be projecting Spiritus: Light and Dark, last seen at the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival 2017, in Oxford at the end of September, the evening of the 29th to be precise. The projection has been commissioned as part of this year’s Night of Heritage Light, organised by the Society of Light and Lighting, and will be projected onto the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (below). More details on the Night of Heritage Light are available. If you are in Oxford on the 29th this is not to be missed!



Annual Grosseteste Day Lecture at Bishop Grosseteste University

Robert Grosseteste Day celebration Lecture 2017

The 2017 Annual Grosseteste day celebrations at Bishop Grosseteste University will soon be taking place, organised, as ever, by the indefatigable Jack Cunningham. This year the lecture to mark the Feast Day of Grosseteste is given by Angelo Silvestri, Cardiff University. All are welcome to the lecture, so if you are in Lincoln or nearby do come along on the 10th October.


Kalamazoo 2018 – buckle up!


The Ordered Universe will be represented at the 2018 International Congress on Medieval Studies, the 53rd meeting, with two sessions on medieval thinking about, well, order. Continue reading


Alexandra Carr’s installation from the Ordered Universe themed OxNet Summer School, held at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, in early August 2017.

Sculpting With Light

Alexandra Carr’s installation at Pembroke College, Oxford, for the OxNet Summer School, as part of the Sculpting with Light programme. Ether was installed over a sequence of three days in the chapel, taking light as the principal sculptural medium. Ether was the fifth essence in ancient and medieval cosmology and that which fills the universe above moon, as distinct from the four elements that form the spheres of the world (earth, water, air and fire).

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Lux Obscura

From the Sculpting with Light project led by Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Alexandra Carr. The second installation from the project.

Sculpting With Light

Lux Obscura

The second major output from the from the Sculpting with Light project is Lux obscura. The brainchild of Alexandra Carr and Rosie Reed Gold, Lux obscura came into being in the mortuary chapel at Ushaw College. More details of the making-process are available on Rosie’s webpage, with the finished result below. Light and shadow; shadow and light caught in a luminescent mesh.

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Through a Glass Darkly – More and more things to do with glass!

Work continues apace for the October 2017 launch of the National Glass Centre exhibition by Cate and Colin based on research from the Ordered Universe and the scientific world of Robert Grosseteste. The official launch date is 20th October and the exhibition will run until March 2018. A visit with Giles Gasper, Alexandra Carr, photographer Rosie Reed Gold (whose photographs are used here), and OxNet Southmoor Academy co-ordinator Katarzyna Kosior, revealed the riches in store. Continue reading