Summer School Complete


A sincere and heartfelt thank you and congratulations to all of the OxNet students who participated in the Access Week Summer School over the last week, and in the case of Ordered Universe, over the last fortnight. It was wonderful to be at the virtual programme graduation and prize-giving session, to hear about the progress of the other strands within the school, and to see and hear the enthusiasm from the students.

For the Ordered Universe strand, taken predominantly by students from the North-East of England (hub school at Southmoor Academy, Sunderland), with some too from the North-West, we had the following prizes and recipients:

Alicia Barnes (Scholar);
Eve Cuming and Charlotte Mellor (Exhibitioners);
and a special mention for Luke Pye.

We’re delighted for all of them, and they join their colleagues from the Easter School:

Ola Barszczewska (First place)
Jack Ramsay (Second place)
and special mentions for Asif Chowdhury and Thomas Taylor

All of the prizewinners stand as exemplars for the magnificent commitment to the Ordered Universe OxNet strand over the last school year from all participants. From the skills day, to the evening classes, and then our two online schools, the dedication and effort has been very impressive, and exactly what is needed to make the most of the collaborative methods and wide-ranging subjects of Ordered Universe.

It has been a real pleasure to run the course this year, and thanks to everyone involved from the research team. The online transformation in particular was down to a lot of goodwill, and everyone’s skill and capacity to create their online content. For the summer school plaudits should go to our Be Inspired partners – Rachael Lloyd, Jamie Parker, Alan Fentiman, Ross Ashton, and Karen Monid, and to Sarah Gilbert as co-director of the Ordered Universe programme, Walker Christian for teaching assistance, Claire Ungley the North-East co-ordinator, and from OxNet itself, Felix Slade for all of his logistical support, and Peter Claus, the director, for vision and trust in the strands and what they set out to accomplish. It is a rare privilege to be able to develop research ideas to inspire access to university; and equally so to meet and work with so many gifted and talented young people. To them we wish them the best of fortune for their future choices.

All of those from the team who put the summer school for 2020 together!


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