New Members of the Ordered Universe Team

Ordered Universe has two new members of the team starting this month, whom we can  welcome officially to their respective roles. Our Administrative Co-ordinator Dr Rachael Matthews stood down at the end of 2016.  We all owe Rachael a enormous debt of gratitude for her tireless work in ensuring a proper platform for the project, rozgreendesigning the website and promotional materials, and allowing the academic programme to flourish. Rachael’s responsibilities will be taken on by  Rosalind Green.  Rosalind is a medievalist by training, a specialist in the history and theology of the 12th and 13th century Carthusians, and a regular participant at Ordered Universe symposia and spin-out activities. A graduate of Cambridge and Durham universities, Rosalind has recently completed her doctoral studies at Durham, and we look forward very much to working with her on the project. Rosalind will have oversight of Ordered Universe communications as well as support for the many and various events that we are organising.

ordereduniverse_jinni_photoAlso joining us for the coming term (Epiphany 2017) is Jinni Tang,  a third-year psychologist at Durham University. Born in Hong Kong, Jinni has lived in England since 2010 and, as she says herself, has immersed herself deeply in British Tea Culture.  Jinni will be helping with impact  from the project, and with Project Cosmos. This forms part of a placement within her degree course to assist in public engagement and outreach, and will form an important element in  promoting the project and Grosseteste’s scientific work to the general public. The project is very grateful to Jenny Jeffes for setting up the impact placement.

Far from new members of the team, we can also report that Hannah Smithson and Nader El-Bizri will be Visiting Fellows in Durham for the coming term, Hannah as a Co-Fund Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Nader in the Department of History. This is a great opportunity to expand and deepen particular lines of inquiry for the project.

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