Through a Glass Darkly: Creative Collaborative Seminar

The next in the Ordered Universe Through a Glass Darkly Creative Collaboration Seminars with the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland, takes place next week, on January 10th. This time we will be in Durham, at the Department of History and, to top the day off, at the Palace Green Library learning centre to be introduced to some medieval manuscripts. The seminar will review work from the Ordered Universe and present, in outline, the treatises On the Sphere – De spheraOn the Six Differences – De sex differentiis and the first glance at that On Comets – De cometis, as well as the work concerning On the Liberal Arts – De artibus liberalibus and On the Generation of Sounds – De generatione sonorum will all be presented. This will be alongside the projects from staff and students at the National Glass Centre, including Cate Watkinson and Colin Rennie’s sculptures, and work by Ruth Brenner, Angela Thwaites and Claire Todd. It will be wonderful to catch up with the tremendously exciting work that the collaboration is generating, some of it displayed at the 2016 Being Human National Festival of Humanities events in Durham in November, and to find more inspiration for our collective investigations.


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