Ordered Universe Expands: Creative Collaborations with Alexandra Carr

The Ordered Universe is delighted to announce a series of collaborations with creative artists and organisations, with whom the project will be working over the coming months and years. These will all be featured in forthcoming posts: we start with artist Alexandra Carr.

A 13th Century Theory of Everything – Podcast

As devoted readers of the blog will recall, Brian and Giles gave a public lecture in September 2015 at the Royal Society, as part of Open House London. The talk introduced Grosseteste and the world of the medieval university, medieval experiments and what modern science might make of his concepts and understanding. From the thirteenth centuryContinue reading “A 13th Century Theory of Everything – Podcast”

Podcasts and Public Lectures

Tom continues his antipodean tour, and there is a good opportunity to catch up with his interview on ABC Brisbane. He is talking with Steve Austin about faith, wisdom, science, and the role that medieval insights can play in modern science. Brian and Giles, meanwhile, will be talking today at the Royal Society, as part of theContinue reading “Podcasts and Public Lectures”

Ordered Universe at the Royal Society Public Lectures: Open House

The Ordered Universe, in the persons of Brian Tanner and Giles Gasper, will be delivering a public lecture at the Royal Society as part of its Open House Weekend.

Royal Society Talk online and available

An update to say that the Royal Society talk is now available on the Royal Society website: in audio and with some of the slides that we showed. The De luce article will be out soon in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, and the general interest in the work of the team, spearheaded inContinue reading “Royal Society Talk online and available”

Ordered Universe at the Royal Society

Tom, Hannah and Giles have been invited to give a public lecture at the Royal Society, London, which will take place this coming Friday, 1.00-2.00 in the History of Science series. The talk is free and open to the public – doors open at 12.30 and places are issued on a first come first servedContinue reading “Ordered Universe at the Royal Society”