Project Cosmos: Cambridge e-Luminate Festival

The Ordered Universe has another artistic collaboration up and running. Project Cosmos, funded by Durham University, is a collaboration with projection artists Ross Ashton and Karen Monid from The Projection Studio. Drawing on previous experience of working together for World Machine, in tandem with the Durham Institute of Computational Cosmology, for Durham Lumiere 2015 (returning in 2017), the project will create another light and sound show fusing the past and present.

The new projection will feature new work from the Ordered Universe research group. Taking Grosseteste’s treatises related to cosmology: De luce – On Light, the De cometis – On CometsDe sphera – On the Sphere, and the curious treatise De sex differentiis – On the Six Differences (which deals with up-down-left-right-front-back), as well as Grosseteste’s thoughts on angels (as expressed in his first letter), the projection will explore themes of Creation and human interaction with the cosmos. It will run for the Cambridge e-Luminate festival, 10th – 15th February, whose theme is Play of Light: a more apt theme for Grosseteste couldn’t be imagined. Ordered Universe members will be on hand on the 10th with a series of talks and interactive activities for the public in planning for the afternoon of the 10th. Hannah and Giles will also be giving a public lecture at Ely Cathedral on the following morning, 11th February. We’ll place more details of activities, reactions and impact of the projection on the website.

In addition Ordered Universe research will contribute to the continuing development of Spiritus which featured at the Berlin Light Festival in 2016.

Ross and Karen will participate in the 2017 Ordered Universe research symposia and conferences, including a presentation of how we all work together, to be given at Georgetown University (more on that soon!). We look forward very much indeed to working with them, to finding out more about these mysterious, beautiful and stimulating texts, and to share our research insights with creative artists and the wider public.


Pictures of Durham Cathedral during Lumiere 2015 courtesy of Mr Greg Robson.

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