Rainbow paper in JOSA

The paper on the De iride and modern mapping of rainbow colour co-ordinates is published formally today in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A. Volume 31, Issue 4 – and the front cover is taken from our paper, with one of Hannah’s  representations of the spectra from the scattering angle and droplet radius size. TheContinue reading “Rainbow paper in JOSA”

Durham Workshop: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March

The third in the workshop series funded through the AHRC Network Grant ‘Lost Legacies and a Living Past’ takes place tomorrow and Tuesday. We are looking forward to welcoming all of our visitors to Durham, Jack Cunningham from Bishop Grosseteste University, Cecilia Panti, Sigbjørn Sønnesyn, as well as Hannah and the rest of the DurhamContinue reading “Durham Workshop: Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March”

The week, or so, after Christmas: Hannah at Cambridge

Hannah is talking this afternoon, 9th January, at 4.30 to the Cambridge Philosophical Society, part of a day devoted to Colour in all of its diversity of meaning, aspects and applications.  Hannah’s talk will be on the De iride mapping she has been leading: ‘Colours of the rainbow: A three-dimensional colour space from the thirteenth century’ TheContinue reading “The week, or so, after Christmas: Hannah at Cambridge”

It was the week before Christmas…

…and fast becoming a typical, if active, one in the life of a Durham Grosseteste Project member.  An unexpected realisation is dawning – that the feel of the project reminds me of other scientific research programmes I have been involved in.  I mean that I have the sense of collabrating on a project with aContinue reading “It was the week before Christmas…”

Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum: Part 3c ADVANCED SECONDARY

Our third and final group, took what appeared to be a slightly different approach to the other two, but one that ended up with a great deal of continuity with the others. Led by Per, the group involved Andrew Powney from Ampleforth College, Steven Burdon from St Bede’s Lanchester, and Mark Robson from St RobertContinue reading “Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum: Part 3c ADVANCED SECONDARY”

Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum – Part 2

One of the bedrock principles of the Durham Grosseteste Project is the activity of collaborative reading. It sounds simple, and it many respects it is, but sitting together, to read through a text, slowly and thoughtfully, creates the environment in which exciting and imaginative ideas for research take shape and evolve. All present are ableContinue reading “Workshop 2: Medieval Science and the Modern Curriculum – Part 2”

Medicine, Science and a Porto Perspective

I first heard about The Ordered Universe Project in a seminar led by Giles Gasper and Tom McLeish at Durham last autumn. As someone who specialises in medieval medicine and gender, I was initially fascinated by their willingness to combine medieval science with modern physics, yet I was unaware of what contribution (if any) IContinue reading “Medicine, Science and a Porto Perspective”

Ordered Universe Sessions at Porto

These are the details of the three formal sessions we have organised for the FIDEM Congress in Porto: focusing on the treatises on light and on colour. Each session has a mingling (to use a Grossetestian phrase) of scientific and humanities based scholars; all of which are needed to convey the richness and depth ofContinue reading “Ordered Universe Sessions at Porto”

The Colour Group – Great Britain

Hannah is hosting the next monthly meeting of the UK Colour Group at Pembroke College, Oxford, on Wednesday, 13th March. The meeting  will focus on the colour cues for material properties, drawing on experience from visual psychophysics, human neuropsychology, colour measurement, computer vision and the perception and representation of material properties in art. Perception ofContinue reading “The Colour Group – Great Britain”

Durham Grosseteste Project in Portugal

So, our next engagement as a team will be the FIDEM congress in Porto. The congress gathers around 400-500 medievalists of various sorts and meets every 5 years. FIDEM itself is a network of institutes for medieval studies, with individual as well as institutional membership, and has been running since 1987. Greti sits on theContinue reading “Durham Grosseteste Project in Portugal”