Kalamazoo Sessions 1: How to think about science…including liturgy

IMG_2327IMG_2314Kalamazoo, a medium sized mid-western city, the original home of Gibson guitars (established here in 1902), famous for a book-keeping system, the subject of a Glenn Miller song, home of an increasing number of excellent microbreweries, and the place to which over 3000 medievalists return each year for the International Medieval Congress. The rooms on campus may be rudimentary, but the company more than compensates. Amongst the hundreds of sessions, were science-orientated ones… Continue reading

The Colour Group – Great Britain

Hannah is hosting the next monthly meeting of the UK Colour Group at Pembroke College, Oxford, on Wednesday, 13th March. The meeting  will focus on the colour cues for material properties, drawing on experience from visual psychophysics, human neuropsychology, colour measurement, computer vision and the perception and representation of material properties in art. Perception of colour is not something that Grosseteste addressed directly in the De colore, but he gets a lot closer to the perception of different colours in different rainbows in the De iride. Sam Sargeant will be attending from the Ordered Universe/Durham Grosseteste Project research group (and having some time in the lovely Oxford libraries on matters Grossetestian and medieval scientific).

Details of the meeting and registration are here: http://www.colour.org.uk/meetingMarch13.html