The Appliance of Science: Ordered Universe in Rome

The Ordered Universe project enjoyed an excellent collaborative reading symposium in Rome at the beginning of this month, 4-8 April. Some 26 of the group gathered in the eternal city, under the local care of Cecilia Panti and her colleagues from Università di Rome, ‘Tor Vergata’, especially Clelia Crialesi. The symposium took place in theContinue reading “The Appliance of Science: Ordered Universe in Rome”

Gravitational Waves and the Cosmic ‘Sonativum’

Only an Ordered Universe blogpost could deserve a title like that.  We cannot let a discovery of such reach, beauty, conceptual depth and powerful simplicity (yes indeed) as the LIGO team’s announcement this month of the first detection of gravitational radiation go without a celebratory comment from the Robert Grosseteste club here. Robert did, after all,Continue reading “Gravitational Waves and the Cosmic ‘Sonativum’”

Ordered Universe at the Festival of Humanities

Being Human, the Festival of the Humanities is now a little under a month away. Ordered Universe team members at the Dark Ages to Dark Matter activities will include: Giles Gasper, Tom McLeish, Hannah Smithson, Richard Bower, Brian Tanner, Mike Huxtable and Sigbjørn Sønnesyn. There will be a number of Durham students involved as well,Continue reading “Ordered Universe at the Festival of Humanities”

Ordered Universe 2010-2014: a Visual Compilation

The Ordered Universe Project completed its 12th research symposium with the Mahfouz Forum on De generatione sonorum [‘On the Generation of Sounds]. For those that couldn’t be there the public lectures will be available soon, but in the meantime, there is available here a conspectus in visual form of our activities: pick your own sound-track (and watchContinue reading “Ordered Universe 2010-2014: a Visual Compilation”

Grosseteste goes public: disseminating medieval and modern science

The Mahfouz Forum on Grosseteste’s De generatione sonorum (On the generation of sound) culminated in a set of public lectures held in the Pichette Auditorium of Pembroke College. With this having been the third time that I got to enjoy being part of an Ordered Universe gathering, I had heard before some elements of theseContinue reading “Grosseteste goes public: disseminating medieval and modern science”

Pembroke College Oxford – a Very Short Introduction

After workshops and conferences held in Durham, Porto and Lincoln, it seems only right that the interdisciplinary and international team of the Ordered Universe Project is now meeting in Oxford – the very place where Grosseteste spent part of his early scholarly career and where today the Bodleian and College libraries keep many of theContinue reading “Pembroke College Oxford – a Very Short Introduction”

Institute of Physics, International Conference on the History of Physics

The Institute of Physics, in collaboration with the EPS  History of Physics Group has organised an International Conference on the History of Physics, which takes place in Cambridge, at Trinity College, September 4th-5th. The  conference is the inaugural for a whole series dedicated to all aspects of the history of physics. The leading theme forContinue reading “Institute of Physics, International Conference on the History of Physics”

Boston and Kalamazoo: What is Science, What is Theology?

With lots of activity during May and early June, and more to come over the summer, an update on Ordered Universe and related events is called for. To start with, completing the account and reflections on the trip to Boston College, and the 49th International Medieval Congress, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo. The first conference involved,Continue reading “Boston and Kalamazoo: What is Science, What is Theology?”

Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity

The recent interest in the Ordered Universe project following summary articles, in Nature, TheConversationUK, The Economist, The New Statesman, and various republished versions of the above, has been very gratifying (in the most part) but has also made it clear that some clarification is needed on both the way the project works, and on whatContinue reading “Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity”

Rainbow paper in JOSA

The paper on the De iride and modern mapping of rainbow colour co-ordinates is published formally today in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A. Volume 31, Issue 4 – and the front cover is taken from our paper, with one of Hannah’s  representations of the spectra from the scattering angle and droplet radius size. TheContinue reading “Rainbow paper in JOSA”