The week, or so, after Christmas: Hannah at Cambridge

CambridgeHannah is talking this afternoon, 9th January, at 4.30 to the Cambridge Philosophical Society, part of a day devoted

Grosseteste's rainbow co-ordinates mapped onto perceptual colour plane by H. Smithson
Grosseteste’s rainbow co-ordinates mapped onto perceptual colour plane by H. Smithson

to Colour in all of its diversity of meaning, aspects and applications.  Hannah’s talk will be on the De iride mapping she has been leading:

‘Colours of the rainbow: A three-dimensional colour space from the thirteenth century’

The event is fee and open to all, and takes place in the Department of Engineering. If you are lucky enough to be around Cambridge, and this afternoon, do drop in.

This is the first of many Ordered Universe events this year: keep your eyes on the blog for more.

The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…

For those of you who were not at the annual Kalamazoo Medieval Congress (a pilgrimage for upwards of 3500 medievalists each year), the PIMS book


stand sold out of copies of the Dimensions of Colour. You can order copies from PIMS or University of Toronto Press directly if you’re in North America. If you are elsewhere please contact the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies in Durham and we will supply copies(the administrator’s address is on the contact details).

The Dimensions of Colour will be being ‘baptised’ at the IMEMS publication series book launch, this Friday, 24th May, in Durham. This will be the first of the Grosseteste Science Library, the De luce will follow next year, and then the De iride.