Tours of the Cosmos: From Dante to Dark Matter

The Ordered Universe team tend to find themselves contemplating a dark sky rather than a dark forest and thinking about how the straight paths through the universe were found, rather than the paths through heaven and hell, but this week Ordered Universe team members Giles Gasper and Tom McLeish were Virgil to the audience’s Dante as they led a lunchtime lecture in Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study.

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The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…

For those of you who were not at the annual Kalamazoo Medieval Congress (a pilgrimage for upwards of 3500 medievalists each year), the PIMS book


stand sold out of copies of the Dimensions of Colour. You can order copies from PIMS or University of Toronto Press directly if you’re in North America. If you are elsewhere please contact the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies in Durham and we will supply copies(the administrator’s address is on the contact details).

The Dimensions of Colour will be being ‘baptised’ at the IMEMS publication series book launch, this Friday, 24th May, in Durham. This will be the first of the Grosseteste Science Library, the De luce will follow next year, and then the De iride.