Tours of the Cosmos: From Dante to Dark Matter

The Ordered Universe team tend to find themselves contemplating a dark sky rather than a dark forest and thinking about how the straight paths through the universe were found, rather than the paths through heaven and hell, but this week Ordered Universe team members Giles Gasper and Tom McLeish were Virgil to the audience’s DanteContinue reading “Tours of the Cosmos: From Dante to Dark Matter”

Public Talk in Durham 24th Jan: Medieval and Modern Explanations of Colour

Hannah Smithson will be delivering a public lecture in Durham next week, as part of the Institute of Advanced Study’s Fellows’ Public Lecture series. Medieval and Modern Explorations of Human Colour Perception will take place on Tuesday 24 January 2017, 17:30 to 18:30 in the Joachim Room, College of St Hild & St Bede, DurhamContinue reading “Public Talk in Durham 24th Jan: Medieval and Modern Explanations of Colour”

Events this week! Heaven’s Above

Being Human, the National Festival of Humanities, opens across the UK on the 17th November, this Thursday. With nine days of events from Scotland to Cornwall, Northern Ireland to London this year is as diverse in the range of research inspired by the humanities, as it is in geography! There are a number of events takingContinue reading “Events this week! Heaven’s Above”

Bayesian Theory and Medieval History

What was the probability that a medievalist would take part in a panel on Baysean theory as part of the decennial conference for Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study? Well, a subjective Bayesean analysis would, in all likelihood, have indicated a high probability. If probability is ‘the value at which an expectation depending on theContinue reading “Bayesian Theory and Medieval History”

Ordered Universe at the House of Lords

During the coming week the Ordered Universe project will be featured in an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Durham University’s Insitute of Advanced Study, at the House of Lords. Transforming The Way We Think will showcase the Institute’s varied activities over the last ten years, and its leading role in the promotion of interdisciplinary thinkingContinue reading “Ordered Universe at the House of Lords”

Seminar Today in Durham: Richard Bower at the IAS

Richard Bower, one of the core research team members of the Ordered Universe project will be giving a lunchtime seminar today at the Durham University Institute of Advanced Study (1-2 pm in the Seminar Room) Richard is currently a Christopherson Knott Fellow at the Institute, and is exploring comparative cosmologies.

Facing Out – Being Human Festival in Durham, November 2014

As an introduction to the Durham part of the Festival of Humanities, we’ve prepared a short (ish) video for both strands: the Ordered Universe’s ‘From Dark Ages to Dark Matter‘, with Giles and Richard, and Barbara Graziosi’s ‘Face-to-Face: Encounters with Ancient Authors: Portraits in Libraries’. We hope this whets the appetite: Dark Ages to DarkContinue reading “Facing Out – Being Human Festival in Durham, November 2014”

From Dark Ages to Dark Matter – Festival of Humanities

The Ordered Universe is very proud and pleased to be part of the inaugural UK National Festival of the Humanities, which takes place between 15th-23rd November this year. The Festival aims to engage the public with innovative humanities research, and takes place across the country, with university hubs and their cultural and community partners. The programmeContinue reading “From Dark Ages to Dark Matter – Festival of Humanities”

The Durham Grosseteste project…in the words of some of its team members

and now this one, Paul Ging in conversation with Dr Greti Dinkova-Bruun These conversations between Giles and Greti were recorded during Greti’s Michaelmas Term in Durham 2012, as Senior Research Fellow at the Durham Institute of Advanced Study. Amongst the many things she accomplished was the bulk of the editorial work on the De iride….preliminaryContinue reading “The Durham Grosseteste project…in the words of some of its team members”