Light, Colour, and the Cosmos in the Medieval and Modern Worlds

Geocentric Universe
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A little over a week ago the OxNet-Ordered Universe 2019 Easter School brought the 2019 cohort of school students aged 16-17 (Lower Sixth Form, Year 12) from the North-East, to a 2-day residential experience at Durham University. Students from Southmoor Academy, St Anthony’s, St Robert of Newminster, and Park View Academy, came together at venues around Durham including Collingwood College, Palace Green Libary, Durham Castle (University College Durham), the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, and the Institute for Computational Cosmology to think about the topic of ‘Light, Colour, and the Cosmos: Exploring Themes in Medieval and Modern Science’.

OxNet North East co-ordinator, Claire Ungley shared the following thoughts on the Easter School in her report below:

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Ordered Universe Talks in June

StCuthsSociety-2June has already seen Brian Tanner give a talk at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University, in the day-conference, Colour at Cuths‘ on 13th June. We are very grateful to the Principal, Professor Elizabeth Archibald for the invitation, and for such a packed programme which takes forward what is now quite a series of events at St Cuthbert’s on colour, with more to come in the next academic year.

At the National Astronomy Meeting, in Portsmouth, 23rd-26th June, Richard Bower will be delivering a paper in a session on Modern Archaeo-Astronomy: From Material Culture to Cosmology, focused on the recent work on the treatise on light: ‘De Luce: Modelling the 13th Century Universe of Robert Grosseteste’. Richard’s talk is on 23rd June in Session 1.

IMG_1900Hannah Smithson will be delivering a paper at the Warburg Institute in a Colloquium on Colour, on 26th June, with a paper entitled: ‘All the colours of the rainbow: A bridge between medieval and modern colour science’. The colloquium is in conjunction with an exhibition on colour at the National Gallery. Come along if you can!

Earlier this year Hannah also gave a public lecture at Goldsmiths as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, with the title: ‘New perspectives on colour from a 13th century account of light, material and rainbows’

And there are lots more activities in July, September and October…look forward to seeing you there, and to keeping you updated.