Being Human with Music and Light and a Fabulous Day

Saturday 14th saw the first two of four events organised at Durham as part of the Being Human, National Festival of Humanities 2015. Now in its second year, the Festival takes place up and down the country with a cornucopia of events for the public. Big questions, big debates and opportunities to engage with academic researchContinue reading “Being Human with Music and Light and a Fabulous Day”

Podcasts and Public Lectures

Tom continues his antipodean tour, and there is a good opportunity to catch up with his interview on ABC Brisbane. He is talking with Steve Austin about faith, wisdom, science, and the role that medieval insights can play in modern science. Brian and Giles, meanwhile, will be talking today at the Royal Society, as part of theContinue reading “Podcasts and Public Lectures”

Ordered Universe at the Royal Society Public Lectures: Open House

The Ordered Universe, in the persons of Brian Tanner and Giles Gasper, will be delivering a public lecture at the Royal Society as part of its Open House Weekend.

Travelling Wisdom – Ordered Universe

Earlier this year in May, Ordered Universe team members participated in a extremely interesting conference organised at the University of Southern Denmark, in Odense. The theme of ‘Travelling Wisdom: Medieval Science in the North c.1000-1500’, proved irresistible, especially when the Ordered Universe team, led by Brian Tanner, was invited to make the opening keynote presentation byContinue reading “Travelling Wisdom – Ordered Universe”

A night to remember: THE Awards

We had a wonderful night at the THE Awards, a very exciting, glitzy event at the Grovesnor Hotel, with a fantastic number of shortlisted entrants in the 17 categories. So glitzy that the voiceover for the awards ceremony was provided by the man from X-Factor. The welcome speeches were made by the editor of theContinue reading “A night to remember: THE Awards”

THE Awards – tomorrow evening

Tomorrow is the last formal event from the Ordered Universe for 2014: and it has been a wonderful year. From the Durham workshop on the Rainbow, the sessions at the Medieval Congress in Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, to the International Grosseteste Society conference at Lincoln, the Mahfouz Forum for Interdisciplinarity on the Generation of Sounds,Continue reading “THE Awards – tomorrow evening”

The Medieval Cosmos – Visualising Grosseteste’s Universe

The Being Human Festival was the occasion for the first public showing of our visualisation of the medieval cosmos. Currently in a 2D format, a 3D version is under development.

Reflections on Being Human – Festival of Humanities

The Ordered Universe public workshop on Grosseteste’s scientific works, was a great success: part of the Being Human Festival, and with the aim of introducing the public to the work of the team on Grosseteste, why and how we do it, and the excitement provoked by the project. With a full house, some 60 participants,Continue reading “Reflections on Being Human – Festival of Humanities”

Ordered Universe at the Festival of Humanities

Being Human, the Festival of the Humanities is now a little under a month away. Ordered Universe team members at the Dark Ages to Dark Matter activities will include: Giles Gasper, Tom McLeish, Hannah Smithson, Richard Bower, Brian Tanner, Mike Huxtable and Sigbjørn Sønnesyn. There will be a number of Durham students involved as well,Continue reading “Ordered Universe at the Festival of Humanities”