AHRC 10th Anniversary: Ordered Universe and Science in Culture

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 09.10.39The Arts and Humanities Research Council has produced a fascinating brochure on some of the projects it has funded over the course of the last decade, now available in an online version. The Ordered Universe features as one of the projects, under the Science in Culture theme, on pages 83-84 (if you want to take a look!). Continue reading

AHRC-Ordered Universe at the Cheltenham Science Festival

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It was a enormous privilege to represent the AHRC at the Cheltenham Science Festival. From the first application to take the Ordered Universe project to the Festival, to the intensive media and presentation workshop at Polaris House, and then to working with the AHRC and Festival co-ordinators, it has been an exciting and supportive journey. The session we presented, ‘Robert Grosseteste: The Greatest Scientist You’ve Never Heard Of…’, started with FullSizeRender 7Tom introducing Grosseteste’s physics of light, and the impact of this on his cosmology, especially in the treatise On Light, the De luce. The IMG_2517Cheltenham audience were extremely receptive: when Tom outlined the creation of the medieval universe from a single point of light, expanding spherically….in its eerie echoing of the Big Bang you could see the audience lean forward. Continue reading

Ordered Universe-AHRC at the Cheltenham Science Festival…in pictures

Tom, Hannah and Giles had an absolutely wonderful time at the Cheltenham Science Festival. As part of the AHRC partnership with the Festival the Ordered Universe presented Grosseteste’s scientific works and the collaboration between modern scientists and medievalists to an engaged and packed audience. Chaired by Professor Robert Winston, the talk and question and answer session was stimulating and wide-ranging. More to come but here are some pictures!

Cheltenham Science Festival…Today!

Cheltenham Festivalscsf-coverThe Ordered Universe will be presenting later today at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Tom, Hannah and Giles will talk with Lord Professor Robert Winston, and with the audience on the project, Grosseteste and Science and Humanities in collaboration. The project was selected by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of its partnership with the Cheltenham Festivals, and the theme of Science in Culture will be very much to the fore in the reflections and discussions later today. Continue reading

Cheltenham Science Festival 2015: Ordered Universe presents…

Cheltenham FestivalsCMYK PortraitIt is a real thrill to let you know that the Ordered Universe project was successful in an AHRC open call for the opportunity to present and curate an event at the Cheltenham Science and Literature Festivals. Following an ‘elevator pitch’ and workshop in Swindon, the Ordered Universe was selected to work with the Science Festival team. So, Tom, Hannah and Giles will be doing just this over the next few months! The Science Festival takes place 2nd-7th June (the four Festivals, Music, Science, Jazz and Literature have over 1000 acts and about a quarter of a million attendees). Continue reading

Reflections on Being Human – Festival of Humanities

Early arrivals

SOCIAL_MEDIA_RGB_02_500PXThe Ordered Universe public workshop on Grosseteste’s scientific works, was a great success: part of the Being Human Festival, and with the aim of introducing the public to the work of the team on Grosseteste, why and how we do it, and the excitement provoked by the project. With a full house, some 60 participants, across a wide range of experience and background, and almost the full team (myself, Tom, Hannah, Richard Bower, Brian Tanner, Mike IMG_3662Huxtable, Sigbjørn and John Bissell), we started the day in the magnificent setting of the Durham Cathedral Chapter House. Continue reading