Cheltenham Science Festival…Today!

Cheltenham Festivalscsf-coverThe Ordered Universe will be presenting later today at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Tom, Hannah and Giles will talk with Lord Professor Robert Winston, and with the audience on the project, Grosseteste and Science and Humanities in collaboration. The project was selected by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of its partnership with the Cheltenham Festivals, and the theme of Science in Culture will be very much to the fore in the reflections and discussions later today.

Escaladieu, interior

The Medieval CosmosSo, the medieval cosmos, Grosseteste’s physics of light, the delight of collaboration, colour and the rainbow will all be on offer. A cornucopia of Grosseteste’s scientific themes and of collaborative values in practice. How we become better and richer medievalists, and richer and better scientists through the project is perhaps the most joyful part of the whole project.

Robert Grosseteste: The Greatest Mind You’ve Never Heard Of...takes place at 6 pm in the Helix Theatre, Cheltenham. Come and find us if you can. Otherwise we will report on the blog tomorrow!

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