Preview 5: Beyond Color at the Napa Lighted Art Festival 18 Jan 2019

What is color? How do we perceive it? Join multi-media sculptor Alexandra Carr, and experimental psychologist Joshua Harvey in an exploration of color from very different perspectives.

Cate Watkinson – VideoLog2: Embodying Light

Cate Watkinson talks through her ideas for the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland’s, upcoming exhibition on Grosseteste, light and colour, in the autumn. This is the second film made by Claire Todd, exploring aspects of how the pieces and the exhibition come together. Colour, Light and the magic of glass…. We are very gratefulContinue reading “Cate Watkinson – VideoLog2: Embodying Light”

Medieval ‘Big Bang Theory’…

One not to miss! Tom McLeish is featured at 21.00 on Wednesday this week, talking with Philip Ball, on Science Stories, Radio 4: The Medieval Bishop’s Big Bang Theory. Tom and Philip explore the scientific world of Robert Grosseteste, rainbows, colour and light streaming through Cathedral windows, and the birth of the cosmos described in his treatise ‘OnContinue reading “Medieval ‘Big Bang Theory’…”

Being Human with Music and Light and a Fabulous Day

Saturday 14th saw the first two of four events organised at Durham as part of the Being Human, National Festival of Humanities 2015. Now in its second year, the Festival takes place up and down the country with a cornucopia of events for the public. Big questions, big debates and opportunities to engage with academic researchContinue reading “Being Human with Music and Light and a Fabulous Day”

Hannah Smithson speaking at Liverpool Hope Foundation Hour, Wed. 10th 1pm

Those of you lucky enough to be in or around Liverpool this week can catch Hannah giving a Foundation Hour talk at Liverpool Hope University, on Wednesday 10th April, 1pm in the Eden Lecture Theatre. Hannah will be talking on: Foundation Hour – Medieval Science: Colour Decoded by the 13th Century Scholar Robert Grosseteste.,10April2013&ac=*

Just published – Hot off the press….

Robert Grosseteste, The Dimensions of Colour: Robert Grosseteste’s De colore Edition, Translation and Interdisciplinary Analysis By Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Giles E.M. Gasper, Michael Huxtable, Tom C.B. McLeish, Cecilia Panti and Hannah Smithson Those of you in North America can order your copy directly from PIMS, Europeans from the Brepols website (in a few days time), or from

Photos from the New York Graduate Center…

Here we are then, the three presenters… A wonderful occasion, and a really good set of questions: was Grosseteste a loner or a collaborator, how do the scientific and theological texts work together, how were the key terms in the De colore translated, what are the attractions of the deeper past to modern scientists. Science, asContinue reading “Photos from the New York Graduate Center…”