Ordered Universe at the House of Lords

During the coming week the Ordered Universe project will be featured in an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Durham University’s Insitute of Advanced Study, at the House of Lords. Transforming The Way We Think will showcase the Institute’s varied activities over the last ten years, and its leading role in the promotion of interdisciplinary thinkingContinue reading “Ordered Universe at the House of Lords”

New Publication: Grosseteste and Religious and Scientific Learning

Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of Religious and Scientific learning in the Middle-Ages. (Springer 2016) Eds. Jack P. Cunningham & M. Hocknull. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-33468, ISBN 978-3-319-33466-0. No. of pages 401. No. of illustrations 16 colour. £86.00. July 2016 will see the publication of the proceedings of the 3rd international Robert Grosseteste Conference which took placeContinue reading “New Publication: Grosseteste and Religious and Scientific Learning”

Through a Glass Darkly – Creative Collaboration Seminar 1

Next Tuesday, 31st May, sees the first activity in the collaboration between the Ordered Universe and the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland, Through a Glass Darkly. We have a day of creative collaboration across a wide range of media. Brian, Giles, Hannah, Clive, Josh, Ana Dias – a PhD student in medieval manuscript illumination atContinue reading “Through a Glass Darkly – Creative Collaboration Seminar 1”

Ordered Universe Expands: Creative Collaborations with Alexandra Carr

The Ordered Universe is delighted to announce a series of collaborations with creative artists and organisations, with whom the project will be working over the coming months and years. These will all be featured in forthcoming posts: we start with artist Alexandra Carr.

Who was the first real physicist?

A post from Brian Tanner – one of the most common searches we encounter on the Ordered Universe blog is ‘who was the first physicist/scientist’ or variants thereof – Brian offers some options: Perhaps it is because my son is Director of Cross-Curricula Learning at St Albans School, that on Friday March 4th, I foundContinue reading “Who was the first real physicist?”

Medieval Physics in Oxford: Reflections by Brian Tanner

When Jo Ashbourn, Senior Tutor at St Cross College, Oxford asked me to summarize the proceedings at the end of a one day conference on Medieval Physics in Oxford, I responded enthusiastically. Several weeks later at the start of what proved to be an interesting day, I was less than certain that it had beenContinue reading “Medieval Physics in Oxford: Reflections by Brian Tanner”

Medieval Physics in Oxford

Jack Cunningham and Brian Tanner, core members of the Ordered Universe research team will be taking part in a fantastic looking conference organised by the Centre for the History and Philosophy of Physics at St Cross College in Oxford. The Centre under its Director Dr Jo Ashbourn is dedicated to the philosophy and methodologies of physics pastContinue reading “Medieval Physics in Oxford”

A 13th Century Theory of Everything – Podcast

As devoted readers of the blog will recall, Brian and Giles gave a public lecture in September 2015 at the Royal Society, as part of Open House London. The talk introduced Grosseteste and the world of the medieval university, medieval experiments and what modern science might make of his concepts and understanding. From the thirteenth centuryContinue reading “A 13th Century Theory of Everything – Podcast”