Travels Through Time Podcast – 1215 anyone?

Earlier this month Giles Gasper recorded a podcast interview with Artemis Irvine (third-year history undergraduate at Durham University) for the second season of Travels Through Time. The series asks what year the interviewee would like to go back to, and in this case, it was 1215, the year of the Fourth Lateran Council, Magna Carta, and, possibly, theContinue reading “Travels Through Time Podcast – 1215 anyone?”

Light, Rainbows, and the Medieval Big Bang

The Light Up Poole Festival 2020 opened yesterday and the Ordered Universe Project is delighted to support it, as we did last year to the 40,000 or so visitors who came along.

Horizon – sneak preview

Hot off the creative desk – some stills from the first half of Horizon showing at the Napa Lighted Art Festival in January 2019 (12-20) (not so long away!). The show features material from the Ordered Universe project and its research on the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste, as well as material from the JetContinue reading “Horizon – sneak preview”

Jack Cunnigham on ‘In Our Time’

Ordered Universe core research team member Jack Cunningham, from Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, features on In Our Time in a programme dedicated to Roger Bacon, which aired on Thursday 20th April. Together with Amanda Power (University of Oxford), and Elly Truitt (Bryn Mawr College), Jack discusses with Melvyn Bragg the life and legacy of Bacon, including hisContinue reading “Jack Cunnigham on ‘In Our Time’”

Ordered Universe Reading Group (Durham)

Just a short notice to say that our informal reading group will continue during Epiphany Term at Durham University. The first meeting of the term will be tomorrow, 17th January, from 15.00-17.00 in the Department of History, Seminar Room 1 and the programme for the term is embedded above. The Reading Group will continue toContinue reading “Ordered Universe Reading Group (Durham)”

Ordered Universe Reading Group (Durham)

A short notice to say that an informal reading group will be taking place, under the aegis of the Ordered Universe, at Durham, over the rest of Michaelmas Term, and then again in Epiphany and Easter. The first meeting to register interest and draw up plans takes place tomorrow, at 16.00 in the Department ofContinue reading “Ordered Universe Reading Group (Durham)”

Grosseteste at Georgetown

A post by Neil Lewis on the recent conference he organised at Georgetown on The Philosophies of Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall. Vir excellentissimus in scientia – a man of the greatest prominence in knowledge. So Richard Rufus of Cornwall (fl. 1231-1259) describes Grosseteste in his Scriptum on Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Rufus was the firstContinue reading “Grosseteste at Georgetown”

3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 1

  The wonderful hospitality of Bishop Grosseteste University will stay long in the memory, and the fascinating series of papers. Jack Cunningham produced a rich programme, on the theme of religious and scientific learning in the thirteenth century, focused on our main subject, with a range of international speakers. Ordered Universe team members were here inContinue reading “3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 1”

Embodying Grosseteste

Jack Cunningham has initiated an appeal to the Lincoln City Council for a statue of Robert Grosseteste within the city. The Ordered Universe project support this wholeheartedly, and features within Jack’s letter to the Lincolnshire Echo, copied below.  With the upcoming conference  on Science and Theology in the Thirteenth Century  focused on Grosseteste, the appeal could notContinue reading “Embodying Grosseteste”

The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science – Saturday 14th December

Hannah and Giles have been invited to talk to  The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science, in two weeks time, on Saturday, 14 December at 2:00 pm. We’ll be talking about the project, under the title: “Medieval and Modern Science: Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253) in Multi-Disciplinary Perspective”.  The recent work on the DeContinue reading “The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science – Saturday 14th December”