Ordered Universe Reading Group (Durham)


A short notice to say that an informal reading group will be taking place, under the aegis of the Ordered Universe, at Durham, over the rest of Michaelmas Term, and then again in Epiphany and Easter. The first meeting to register interest and draw up plans takes place tomorrow, at 16.00 in the Department of History, Seminar Room  1. The Reading Group will examine the Natural Questions of Adelard of Bath, an important 12th century precursor to Grosseteste, and also the Natural Questions of Seneca, to think about contrasts and comparison with the medieval authors.The programme for dates, and the editions/translations to be used is embedded above and is also available here. All reading will be in English, with reference to Adelard’s Latin text as appropriate – so please be reassured on that score! At the first meeting we’ll go through the proposed readings for the next, Adelard’s Questions 1-22 (and the preface); and Seneca, Book 3 (originally Book 1). Please do feel free to pass information around – in the first instance this is intended for staff and graduate students at Durham, other inquiries to attend will be decided on a case by case basis. If you’d like to register interest please contact Giles Gasper or Tom McLeish (g.e.m.gasper@durham.ac.uk – t.c.b.mcleish@durham.ac.uk).

The Nebula image in the poster is reproduced from HubbleSite STISci.

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