Jack Cunnigham on ‘In Our Time’

Ordered Universe core research team member Jack Cunningham, from Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, features on In Our Time in a programme dedicated to Roger Bacon, which aired on Thursday 20th April. Together with Amanda Power (University of Oxford), and Elly Truitt (Bryn Mawr College), Jack discusses with Melvyn Bragg the life and legacy of Bacon, including hisContinue reading “Jack Cunnigham on ‘In Our Time’”

Scholarly Perspectives on Faith, Science and Academia

On Wednesday 8 June 2016, Brian Tanner spoke at one of the ‘Faith, Science and Academia’ series of seminars, jointly hosted by Ustinov College and St John’s College, Durham. The objective of the seminars is to ‘explore the intersection of faith, science and academia from the perspective of different scholarly disciplines’. Following a presentation by DrContinue reading “Scholarly Perspectives on Faith, Science and Academia”

Physics World – Who was the first scientist?

The question ‘who was the first scientist’ crops up regularly in discussions connected with Grosseteste, a debate made famous by Crombie, with the strong rejoinders of Alexander Koyré. More often than not the question should be refined as ‘who was the first scientist in what has come to be defined as the western tradition’? There areContinue reading “Physics World – Who was the first scientist?”

3rd International Grosseteste conference: Day 3

The third and final day of the Grosseteste conference began with the third plenary lecture from, Christopher Southgate, on contemporary perspectives on Science and Religion, in a Christian context, and in English-speaking literature. Moving from the period 1966-2006 and the influence in particular of Barbour, Peacocke, Polkinghorne to the more recent themes and encounter andContinue reading “3rd International Grosseteste conference: Day 3”