Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Acoustics and How to Use and Astrolabe

IMG_2834IMG_2833The final day of the workshop saw the team complete the read-through of the treatise, and the substantial progress on the question of the seven, and five motions. David Howard led off the day with a discussion of acoustic theory, including models of the human vocal tract, and the intriguing vocal tract organ – finally making the vox humana stop on an organ make sense and sound nice! A combination of palaeographical, historical and mathematical insights and observations enabled us to get through the most challenging part of the text, and with the sense of ‘Ah-hah’ to which Ulrike and Tom referred, and which we have almost come to expect. Nader el-Bisri and John Coleman were key to getting us started, but the final sections were a real vindication of the collaborative reading process. Continue reading

The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science – Saturday 14th December

Hannah and Giles have been invited to talk to  The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science, in two weeks time, on Saturday, 14 December at 2:00 pm. We’ll be talking about the project, under the title: “Medieval and Modern Science: Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253) in Multi-Disciplinary Perspective”.  The recent work on the De iride, rainbow treatise, and Grosseteste’s discussion of colour (with some copies of the De colore book available!). Continue reading