Pembroke College Oxford – a Very Short Introduction

After workshops and conferences held in Durham, Porto and Lincoln, it seems only right that the interdisciplinary and international team of the Ordered Universe Project is now meeting in Oxford – the very place where Grosseteste spent part of his early scholarly career and where today the Bodleian and College libraries keep many of theContinue reading “Pembroke College Oxford – a Very Short Introduction”

On the Generation of Sounds

Our next workshop in the Ordered Universe series is just around the corner,beginning next week on Wednesday October 1st (with a meeting for the core team), and then a two-day workshop on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd, with a more relaxed Saturday morning. We are delighted that this workshop forms part of the Mahfouz InterdisciplinaryContinue reading “On the Generation of Sounds”

Institute of Physics, International Conference on the History of Physics

The Institute of Physics, in collaboration with the EPS  History of Physics Group has organised an International Conference on the History of Physics, which takes place in Cambridge, at Trinity College, September 4th-5th. The  conference is the inaugural for a whole series dedicated to all aspects of the history of physics. The leading theme forContinue reading “Institute of Physics, International Conference on the History of Physics”

Physics World – Who was the first scientist?

The question ‘who was the first scientist’ crops up regularly in discussions connected with Grosseteste, a debate made famous by Crombie, with the strong rejoinders of Alexander Koyré. More often than not the question should be refined as ‘who was the first scientist in what has come to be defined as the western tradition’? There areContinue reading “Physics World – Who was the first scientist?”

Nature Physics Commentary – All the Colours of the Rainbow

The latest Ordered Universe publication is out; a second piece in Nature, this time in Nature Physics. ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’, which was principally authored by Hannah Smithson and Tom McLeish, with Giles Gasper, provides the outline of the way in which Grosseteste’s thought on colour moves between the De colore ‘On Colour’ and the De iride ‘On the Rainbow’, andContinue reading “Nature Physics Commentary – All the Colours of the Rainbow”

3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 1

  The wonderful hospitality of Bishop Grosseteste University will stay long in the memory, and the fascinating series of papers. Jack Cunningham produced a rich programme, on the theme of religious and scientific learning in the thirteenth century, focused on our main subject, with a range of international speakers. Ordered Universe team members were here inContinue reading “3rd International Grosseteste Conference: Day 1”

2014 Conference: International Grosseteste Society

The next International Robert Grosseteste Society conference takes place 18-20 July, in Lincoln, organised by Jack Cunningham at Bishop Grosseteste University. It promises to be a wonderful event, under the theme of: Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle-Ages Several core members of the Ordered Universe project will beContinue reading “2014 Conference: International Grosseteste Society”

Boston and Kalamazoo: What is Science, What is Theology?

With lots of activity during May and early June, and more to come over the summer, an update on Ordered Universe and related events is called for. To start with, completing the account and reflections on the trip to Boston College, and the 49th International Medieval Congress, University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo. The first conference involved,Continue reading “Boston and Kalamazoo: What is Science, What is Theology?”

Ordered Universe: BBC Newcastle, Conversation and other news

We have passed the 25,000 reader mark on The Conversation, which is very encouraging, and the comments make interesting reading too. Also, Giles was interviewed on the Ingrid Hagemann show for BBC Newcastle on Sunday – still four days left on i-Player (at around 8.40 am). Just to let you know!