Report: A Celebration of Robert Grosseteste at Lincoln Cathedral

On the 10th October 2017 Bishop Grosseteste University held its celebration of Robert Grosseteste with its annual public lecture. This year we were delighted to invite Dr Angelo Silvestri from Cardiff University who provided an excellent lecture to an appreciative audience on, ‘From Romanesque darkness to Gothic light: the architectural and artistic role of LincolnContinue reading “Report: A Celebration of Robert Grosseteste at Lincoln Cathedral”

A Guided Tour of the Chateau d’Amour: with video clips

Last week, on Friday 9th October, Michael Huxtable gave his lecture ‘A Guided Tour of the Chateau d’Amour’ as the Annual Bishop Grosseteste Lecture, at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The 9th, at least according to the Anglican canon, is the commemorative day for Grosseteste, and the lecture was given in collaboration with Lincoln Cathedral. Michael’sContinue reading “A Guided Tour of the Chateau d’Amour: with video clips”

Richard Bower: Public Lecture – Comparative Cosmologies

Richard Bower’s public lecture from the last Ordered Universe workshop in Lincoln, from the Chapter House of the Cathedral is now available. All those that were there and want to revisit the lecture will now be able to, and for those who were not able to be there, this is a real treat. De luce, theContinue reading “Richard Bower: Public Lecture – Comparative Cosmologies”

Comparative Cosmologies: Robert Grosseteste and Modern Cosmology

Richard Bower’s public lecture during the Lincoln, Bishop Grosseteste University, workshop took place in the Chapter House, almost directly underneath a 19th century window of Grosseteste in reforming action. Having given the Grosseteste Day lecture in October 2013, this was a return Lincoln visit for Richard. His new lecture took the audience from the medieval universe,Continue reading “Comparative Cosmologies: Robert Grosseteste and Modern Cosmology”

Lincoln Workshop in Pictures

It is now just over six weeks since the workshop on the Liberal Arts in Lincoln; thoughts are still buzzing about the discussions and the treatises, and what the nature of inter-disciplinary research actually consists of, as well as the delight in new discoveries, learning and having one’s eyes well and truly opened. Here areContinue reading “Lincoln Workshop in Pictures”

Singing for the Lincolnite

Grosseteste speaks in the De artibus liberalibus – On the Liberal Arts of the healing power of music, as part of a psychological study on proportion, harmony and the exercise of will and passion. As part of the workshop in Lincoln (hosted at and by Bishop Grosseteste University) next week, the newly formed ‘Cantus [In]firmus’ willContinue reading “Singing for the Lincolnite”

Guest Blog on AHRC Science in Culture

The Ordered Universe has a guest blog on the AHRC Science in Culture website, on the Being Human Festival, with more reflection on the experience of presenting Grosseteste and his wonderful imagination in a public forum. The Being Human Festival is running again next year: a terrific initiative, and an exciting way to present theContinue reading “Guest Blog on AHRC Science in Culture”