Cantus Infirmus in action

IMG_4068One of the more unexpected highlights of the workshop at Lincoln was the first public performance of some Perotin by the enthusiastic amongst the research group. After Richard’s lecture we made our way to the Grosseteste chapel, and with a short collect from David Thomson (Grosseteste expert and, by day, Bishop of Huntingdon), we made our musical offering. We have a digital record of the event to share, for those who would like. John Coleman kindly (!) made a recording of the whole thing. 

We also have a short clip from youtube, made by David Thomson. 

It was, in fact, a very moving experience. Especially in light of the treatises we had been studying, on the healing power of music, and its essential role in the architecture of the medieval universe. Most of our harmonies were intact.

Almighty God, whose servant Robert was given such great gifts by you that he was keen of heart to order the world around him for good, and keen of mind to understand and teach how order and goodness come from you, grant us also to desire all that is good, and to have the insight to learn and teach it, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We left the church to bell-ringing practice; what a fabulous building and a tremendously stimulating environment.

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    The offiicial Ordered Universe blog report on our visit to Lincoln Cathedral with a specially composed collect for Robert Grosseteste on his feast day and a performance of music contemporary to him.

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