Grosseteste goes public: disseminating medieval and modern science

The Mahfouz Forum on Grosseteste’s De generatione sonorum (On the generation of sound) culminated in a set of public lectures held in the Pichette Auditorium of Pembroke College. With this having been the third time that I got to enjoy being part of an Ordered Universe gathering, I had heard before some elements of theseContinue reading “Grosseteste goes public: disseminating medieval and modern science”

Nature Physics Commentary – All the Colours of the Rainbow

The latest Ordered Universe publication is out; a second piece in Nature, this time in Nature Physics. ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’, which was principally authored by Hannah Smithson and Tom McLeish, with Giles Gasper, provides the outline of the way in which Grosseteste’s thought on colour moves between the De colore ‘On Colour’ and the De iride ‘On the Rainbow’, andContinue reading “Nature Physics Commentary – All the Colours of the Rainbow”

Ordered Universe Talks in June

June has already seen Brian Tanner give a talk at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University, in the day-conference, ‘Colour at Cuths‘ on 13th June. We are very grateful to the Principal, Professor Elizabeth Archibald for the invitation, and for such a packed programme which takes forward what is now quite a series of events at StContinue reading “Ordered Universe Talks in June”

It was the week before Christmas…

…and fast becoming a typical, if active, one in the life of a Durham Grosseteste Project member.  An unexpected realisation is dawning – that the feel of the project reminds me of other scientific research programmes I have been involved in.  I mean that I have the sense of collabrating on a project with aContinue reading “It was the week before Christmas…”

Colour, Rainbows, Crombie and the Ordered Universe

Hannah and I enjoyed the hospitality of the Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science at the weekend, in Oxford and very much enjoyed presenting the Ordered Universe project to their members and other attendees. It was lovely to meet Geoffrey Hindley, involved with the Society from its inception, and all the moreContinue reading “Colour, Rainbows, Crombie and the Ordered Universe”

De colore – impressions from a first-time, non-medieval, reader

I started my reading about Grosseteste and his scientific works with ‘The Dimensions of Colour’ on the De colore. Although when reading the translation I couldn’t picture Grosseteste’s model in my head, I was baffled by its complexity and sophistication. Such an abstract account of the phenomenon of colour was certainly not what I expectedContinue reading “De colore – impressions from a first-time, non-medieval, reader”

Grosseteste in 3D

Grosseteste’s De luce, on which the team has been working for the last 18 months or so (and in the case of Neil and Cecilia considerably longer) explains the creation of the Aristotelian universe, and the series of celestial spheres, contrasting the perfect and stable universe above the moon, with the more unpredictable regions beneath. InContinue reading “Grosseteste in 3D”

The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…

For those of you who were not at the annual Kalamazoo Medieval Congress (a pilgrimage for upwards of 3500 medievalists each year), the PIMS book stand sold out of copies of the Dimensions of Colour. You can order copies from PIMS or University of Toronto Press directly if you’re in North America. If you are elsewhereContinue reading “The view from Kalamazoo and a Baptism…”

Hannah Smithson speaking at Liverpool Hope Foundation Hour, Wed. 10th 1pm

Those of you lucky enough to be in or around Liverpool this week can catch Hannah giving a Foundation Hour talk at Liverpool Hope University, on Wednesday 10th April, 1pm in the Eden Lecture Theatre. Hannah will be talking on: Foundation Hour – Medieval Science: Colour Decoded by the 13th Century Scholar Robert Grosseteste.,10April2013&ac=*

Ordered Universe Workshops

A record of the main collaborative workshops we have held, from the birth of the project to read scientific works of the High Middle Ages in an interdisciplinary forum, to the most recent focused sessions on the treatise on the rainbow. The process of team-building is a long one, and involves forging bonds of trust,Continue reading “Ordered Universe Workshops”