Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity

The recent interest in the Ordered Universe project following summary articles, in Nature, TheConversationUK, The Economist, The New Statesman, and various republished versions of the above, has been very gratifying (in the most part) but has also made it clear that some clarification is needed on both the way the project works, and on whatContinue reading “Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity”

Rainbow paper in JOSA

The paper on the De iride and modern mapping of rainbow colour co-ordinates is published formally today in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A. Volume 31, Issue 4 – and the front cover is taken from our paper, with one of Hannah’s  representations of the spectra from the scattering angle and droplet radius size. TheContinue reading “Rainbow paper in JOSA”

Embodying Grosseteste

Jack Cunningham has initiated an appeal to the Lincoln City Council for a statue of Robert Grosseteste within the city. The Ordered Universe project support this wholeheartedly, and features within Jack’s letter to the Lincolnshire Echo, copied below.  With the upcoming conference  on Science and Theology in the Thirteenth Century  focused on Grosseteste, the appeal could notContinue reading “Embodying Grosseteste”

A Medieval MultiVerse – Nature Comment

We have had a busy few weeks on the Ordered Universe project, setting up the next workshop which takes place in the coming week (more to come on that), a public lecture to the Royal Society (more to come on that too!) and publications. The whole research team is very pleased that a comment-article, commissionedContinue reading “A Medieval MultiVerse – Nature Comment”

Colour, Rainbows, Crombie and the Ordered Universe

Hannah and I enjoyed the hospitality of the Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science at the weekend, in Oxford and very much enjoyed presenting the Ordered Universe project to their members and other attendees. It was lovely to meet Geoffrey Hindley, involved with the Society from its inception, and all the moreContinue reading “Colour, Rainbows, Crombie and the Ordered Universe”

Cool for School: A Grossetestian framework for teaching scientific knowledge and how science works

Nowadays teachers are expected to have clearly defined learning objectives for every lesson, but more fundamentally it must be definedwhat the overall aims of education should be. These seem to cluter around the acquisition of firstly a broad and in-depth knowledge base across the disciplines, and secondly of procedural skills that enable students to criticallyContinue reading “Cool for School: A Grossetestian framework for teaching scientific knowledge and how science works”