A Medieval MultiVerse – Nature Comment

Professor Tom McLeish FRS (Durham)
Professor Tom McLeish FRS (Durham)

We have had a busy few weeks on the Ordered Universe project, setting up the next workshop which takes place in the coming week (more to come on that), a public lecture to the Royal Society (more to come on that too!) and publications. The whole research team is very pleased that a comment-article, commissioned by Nature has been accepted and will appear in the next fortnight. Tom McLeish was the inspiration, lead and author for the piece, and we are all very grateful to him indeed for putting the ethos,excitement and energy of the project into this forum. Tom reflects at the end of the piece on the vagaries of funding for inter-disciplinary projects such as this one, and the hope that Science Councils might be willing in the future to combine with Arts and Humanities councils in the activity of uncovering and re-discovering the science of the past, reflection on the world on and in which we live, and some of the essential questions of being human: how did the world around us come to be, and what is our place within it. Both specifically and generally, this is a collaborative exercise, and one which provokes questions and response across the disciplines.

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