From Dark Ages to Dark Matter – Festival of Humanities

The Ordered Universe is very proud and pleased to be part of the inaugural UK National Festival of the Humanities, which takes place between 15th-23rd November this year. The Festival aims to engage the public with innovative humanities research, and takes place across the country, with university hubs and their cultural and community partners. The programmeContinue reading “From Dark Ages to Dark Matter – Festival of Humanities”

Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Public and the Future

Our workshop meeting concluded with the public lectures, on which Ulrike has commented already. It was a privilege to speak in the Pichette Auditorium, and a particular pleasure to see some Durham alumni in the audience – thank you Martin, Heather and Aversa. Heather had even had the privilege (!) of working through Grosseteste’s De colore and LetterContinue reading “Sound Medieval and Sound Modern: Public and the Future”

Grosseteste’s ‘scientific’ treatises – reflecting on principles of investigation

One of the unifying themes across Grosseteste’s ‘scientific’ treatises is that he carefully observed the natural world around him and furthermore assumed that there should be a set of fundamental, universally applicable principles explaining the ordered complexity with which he was confronted. For Grosseteste creation was an act of divine generosity, an overflowing of God’sContinue reading “Grosseteste’s ‘scientific’ treatises – reflecting on principles of investigation”

What a wonderful world – aha-moments triggered by insights into a medieval thinker’s mind

In the aftermath of Ordered Universe gatherings I find myself time and again struck by how little appreciation I normally give to the complexity of the natural world. So many fundamental properties of the physical universe I usually take for granted, without even giving it a thought that someone would have some sort of explanatoryContinue reading “What a wonderful world – aha-moments triggered by insights into a medieval thinker’s mind”

Grosseteste at the National Astronomy Meeting

Presentation on Robert Grosseteste’s De Luce at the National Astronomy Meeting, Portsmouth June 23rd. It was great to be giving an “extra” talk at the National Astronomy Meeting. This is a really big event with up to 500 participants, and lots of parallel sessions covering all aspects of astronomy from the latests (non) evidence forContinue reading “Grosseteste at the National Astronomy Meeting”

Ordered Universe Talks in June

June has already seen Brian Tanner give a talk at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University, in the day-conference, ‘Colour at Cuths‘ on 13th June. We are very grateful to the Principal, Professor Elizabeth Archibald for the invitation, and for such a packed programme which takes forward what is now quite a series of events at StContinue reading “Ordered Universe Talks in June”

Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity

The recent interest in the Ordered Universe project following summary articles, in Nature, TheConversationUK, The Economist, The New Statesman, and various republished versions of the above, has been very gratifying (in the most part) but has also made it clear that some clarification is needed on both the way the project works, and on whatContinue reading “Clarifications on Medieval Multiverses and Multidisciplinarity”

Economist reports Ordered Universe

STEM subjects and a thirteenth-century masterclass: the Economist has an article on the Ordered Universe and the work we have been conducting on the medieval multiverse. Grosseteste’s contemporary view of multiple universes came not as a cosmological question, but as one of the divine power – if God is omnipotent he could create other universes (with no furtherContinue reading “Economist reports Ordered Universe”

Ordered Universe joins The Conversation

For those of you that know, and those that don’t, The Conversation, is a new journalism project to promote academic discourse and debate. The Ordered Universe has posted a report and discussion piece, highlighting the collaborative nature of the project, and the surprising and stimulating results of that collaboration. We have put a focus on theContinue reading “Ordered Universe joins The Conversation”

Portuguese coverage of the Ordered Universe

I’m delighted to forward  coverage of the project by Ana Gerschenfeld, Science Journalist for the Portuguese broadsheet newspaper, PÚBLICO. We are very pleased to participate in this wider outreach of what we are up to, especially on the back of the forthcoming study of the De luce. It is interesting to see the coupling ofContinue reading “Portuguese coverage of the Ordered Universe”