Cambridge e-Luminate Festival: Master of Colour

Friday 9th February sees the opening of the 2018 Cambridge e-Luminate Festival, and the Ordered Universe project is delighted to be taking part once again. In tandem with Ross Ashton and Karen Monid of The Projection Studio and their installation ‘I see’ on Senate House, members of the Ordered Universe team will be introducing Grosseteste at the Cambridge Guildhall, and showcasing artistic collaborations with Alexandra Carr, the National Glass Centre and Rosie Reed Gold.

The theme of the festival this year is colour; and what better theme to explore with the master of colour, Robert Grosseteste. In a series of talks and interactive activities Giles Gasper (Durham), Joshua Harvey (Oxford), Seb Falk (Cambridge), Alexandra Carr (Sculptor) and Jack Cunningham (Bishop Grosseteste) will give an interdisciplinary presentation of Grosseteste, focusing on his thought on light, colour and the rainbow. The product of his more mature scientific thinking of the 1220s, the team will follow his notion of embodied light as essential to the way the universe is experienced, the three-dimensional colour-space he seems to create, and wider cosmological themes. We’ll have a rapid-turn-around sequence of short talks, followed by question and answer, and then a series of more hands-on activities, and exhibits of posters and artistic works:

15.00-15.20 Giles Gasper, ‘Infinite Colour: Medieval Experience’

15.20-15.40, Jack Cunningham, ‘The World of Robert Grosseteste’

15.40-16.00, Alexandra Carr, ‘Sculpting with Light: Learning Medieval’

16.00-16.20, Joshua Harvey, ‘Weaving a Rainbow’

16.20-16.40, Seb Falk, ‘Starlight and Astral Navigation’

16.40-17.00, Question and Answer session

 The demonstrations, which will run until 18.15, include Joshua on how to makes a rainbow, Seb on how to use an astrolabe, and a poster display covering the research carried out by the Ordered Universe into Grosseteste’s  scientific works. In addition we’ll be displaying a photographic exhibition from Rosie Reed Gold: pictures from the Illuminating Colour exhibition at the National Glass Centre, and Alexandra Carr: light-pictures made with the Ordered Universe team.

We think it will be fun, and are very much looking forward to it all, and to being part of the festival – our very deep thanks to Florence Tong and the Festival Director Alessandra Caggiano, and Ross Ashton, for making this possible. Do come along and join us if you can: and to the other installations and events of a fantastic programme. The Festival, and the ‘I see’ installation run from the 9th-14th February. See you there!




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