Illuminating Colour: A Guided Tour

1P5B8805For those that haven’t yet managed to get to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, we have here a guided tour to the exhibition by Cate Watkinson and Colin Rennie. Rosie Reed Gold took the photographs, adding another level of interpretation to the movement from 13th century Latin manuscripts, to editions and translations, to textual analysis (by scientists and medieval specialists), and the expression of the concepts and the reactions they provoke, in glass. Come and see the pieces in situ before March 10th next year!

Colour Field: Cate Watkinson and Colin Rennie

Glass, marine ply, LED lights


Concurrentes: Colin Rennie

Hot glass and steel

Clara, Obscura: Cate Watkinson

Fused glass and steel

Hue and Saturation: Cate Watkinson

Blown hot glass

Colour Columns I,II,III and IV: Cate Watkinson

Glass blocks and steel

De Colore, De Iride: Cate Watkinson

Glass and light

Colore Magnitudo I: Colin Rennie

Blown hot glass, steel and brass

Colore Magnitudo II: Colin Rennie

Blown hot glass, steel and brass

De Iride: Colin Rennie and Cate Watkinson

Blown glass and steel

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