Creative Lives – Colin Rennie and Alexandra Carr

Colin Rennie (National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland) and Alexandra Carr, both regular Ordered Universe participants, will be giving a talk at Sunderland University, on Tuesday this week (30th January). Details are below – including contact details for more information. Both Alexandra and Colin are integral to the way in which Ordered Universe research on medieval science, the modern science of the same natural phenomena, and scientific/humanities research in tandem, operate to elucidate the past and inspire the present. The talk promises to be a fascinating tour of their methods, interests, challenges met and mastered, and recent work. The National Glass Centre exhibition Illuminating Colour provides a significant context in this respect, as does Alexandra’s Leverhulme Trust sponsored artistic residency, ‘Sculpting with Light’, last summer and autumn.

colin and alex poster.jpg

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