Spektrum Success: Ordered Universe Creatives

It is a great pleasure to report that Alexandra Carr has been awarded a place at a major exhibition organised by Spectrum, a convergence of cultural communities and transdisciplinary groups based in Berlin. The exhibition, States of Matter, takes place in June, 23-26, this summer.  The exhibit, The Lens of Sound takes the form of a video presentation in collaboration with Joshua Harvey (TORCH Mellon PhD Student on the 13th Century Science Project and Ordered Universe participant). Ordered Universe research on Grosseteste’s treatise De generatione sonorum – On the Generation of Sounds provides the framework and beginning point for the project. Lens of Sound brings together strands of Josh’s current PhD investigation into vowels and their production and perception, and  Schlieren imaging of sound, with a continuation of Alex’s experimentations and performances using cymatics.

Through the use of phase transitions, the project aims to give rise to three-dimensional cymatics in physical form. To make something with physical permanence from sound, normally experienced in such a brief and psychological way, will allow a synestheasic human perception of sound to matter; another lens with which to ‘see’ sound. Lens of Sound is a development of Alex’s work began with experiments in liquid porcelain – the images above are stills from previous installations and experiments. In Lens of Sound will aim to manifest specific frequencies physically by freezing liquid cymatic forms. These sculptures or ice-works will be formed rapidly, with the use of liquid nitrogen, and slowly, to observe the variations that occur. Time-lapse photography will also be employed while investigating the thawing of these forms in addition to the thawing under the influence of sound. All of these methods, whether photography, video, signal processing, or sculpture will produce permanent or semi-permanent representations of sound from a transitory source.  In Alex’s words:

At the centre of this project lies a visceral awareness of invisible, powerful forces provoking an inexplicable yearning for a grasp of the abstract. Through cymatic structures and fluid dynamics we see a system in flux with all its exquisite complexities and synchronicity. The to and fro from order to disorder is explored, with particular importance put on the boundary between these two states. There is a point at which patterns become indiscernible and a point at which forms can be observed in chaos.

Lens of Sound is a wonderful collaboration, stemming initially from the Ordered Universe outreach and engagement activities – when Alex met Brian and Giles at the Royal Society who knew what would emerge! The project has also been supported by the Department of Engineering, University of Oxford and with equipment developed by Clive Siviour from research funded by EPSRC and Rolls-Royce, as well as TORCH. It is, however, the vision and creativity of Alex and Josh which have brought it to fruition. If you’re in Berlin in June make your way to Spektrum!


Travel and Location Details:

Address: Bürknerstr 12, Berlin, 12047, Germany

Opening times: Tuesdays – Sundays 20.00 – 02.00
Travel InformationTube / Metro: U8 Schönleinstrasse

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Images are copyright to Alexandra Carr.

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