Spektrum Success: Ordered Universe Creatives

It is a great pleasure to report that Alexandra Carr has been awarded a place at a major exhibition organised by Spectrum, a convergence of cultural communities and transdisciplinary groups based in Berlin. The exhibition, States of Matter, takes place in June, 23-26, this summer.  The exhibit, The Lens of Sound takes the form of a video presentation inContinue reading “Spektrum Success: Ordered Universe Creatives”

Welomes: Joshua Harvey and Tim Farrant

The Ordered Universe is delighted to congratulate Joshua and Tim on their success in securing doctoral studentships as part of the Mental and Material Laboratories of 13th Century Science project, made possible through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation  and TORCH at the University of Oxford. We look forward to welcoming them into the Ordered Universe teamContinue reading “Welomes: Joshua Harvey and Tim Farrant”

Update: the Mental and Material Laboratory of 13th Century Science

The mental and material laboratory of 13th century science: an update from Clive Carol Harrison, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Christ Church Clive Siviour, Engineering Science, Pembroke College Hannah Smithson, Experimental Psychology, Pembroke College Giles Gasper, Department of History, Durham University The overwhelming misconception of modern science graduates is that prior to the development ofContinue reading “Update: the Mental and Material Laboratory of 13th Century Science”

13th Century Science: New Positions at Oxford

The Ordered Universe team are delighted to announce the success of a linked and related project in Oxford: The Mental and Material Laboratories of 13th Century Science. Based at TORCH, the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (situated in the former Radcliffe Infirmary), the project is led by Hannah Smithson, Clive Siviour and Carol HarrisonContinue reading “13th Century Science: New Positions at Oxford”