On the Utility of the Arts

A reminder for Durham-based Ordered Universe participants and devotees, that tomorrow we have a two-session On the Utility of the Arts on Grosseteste’s treatise De artibus liberalibus- On the Liberal Arts. Starting at 10.30 and finishing at 2.30, the seminar takes place in the Hatfield College SCR Dining Room. We will be joined by Faith Wallis from McGill University, Montreal, as well as Sigbjørn, and will reacquaint ourselves with Grosseteste’s first treatise. The beauty and strangeness of On the Liberal Arts is striking, and Grosseteste’s programme for learning unusual. The text and his purpose in writing will all be explored. All are welcome but do let Giles or Sig know if you’d like to attend (g.e.m.gasper@durham.ac.uk / sigbjorn.o.sonnesyn@durham.ac.uk): this will be a chance to engage with the Ordered Universe collaborative methodology and Grosseteste’s complex and beguiling vision for learning.

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