OxNet Easter School – Online and Virtual

We are very pleased to announce that the Ordered Universe Easter School for the OxNet Access to University scheme, North-East section, will be taking place this week. Originally planned for the school Easter holidays, we have, in the current circumstances, moved the  school to an online format, with a mixture on online exhibitions, pre-recorded films, booklets and handbooks, interactive model, as well as live sessions on Zoom. The theme for the school will be the treatise by Robert Grosseteste on which the Ordered Universe team are working to bring to press right now! That is, On the Sphere, his study of astronomy and its uses. Various members of the team have prepared material for the Easter School, so a huge thank you to Rebekah White, Sigbjørn Sønnesyn, Tom McLeish, Laura Cleaver, Giles Gasper, and Sarah Griffin, alongside longer talks on medieval colour, and medieval alchemy from Ana Dias and Walker Christian, and advice on university life from two Durham MA students who did their undergraduate studies at Durham too, Charlie Steer-Stephenson and Grant Jones. We’ve also included the model of the cosmos created by Jack Smith, Clive Siviour, Hannah Smithson, and Tom McLeish, with help from Giles and Sig.  And equal thanks to Claire Ungley, the NE OxNet co-ordinator, and Felix Slade and Peter Claus from Oxford. We’re really looking forward to running the school, seeing how the new format works, and exploring the modern and medieval universes. We will report on progress – and in the meantime good luck to all of the students across the North East taking part in the school!

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