British Society for the History of Science: Global Digital History of Science Festival

Ordered Universe members will be taking part in the Global Digital History of Science Festival, organised by the British History for the History of Science. Tom McLeish and Shazia Jagot, from the University of York, along with Laura Cleaver, School of Advanced Study, London, and Giles Gasper, Durham University, will be presenting a grand tour of the medieval cosmos. This features current work by the project on Grosseteste’s treatise On the Sphere including our online visualisation of the treatise, interpretations of Grosseteste’s whereabouts at the time of composition, and in-depth analysis of the treatise itself, in particular its illustrations. From Geometry to the place of the world, from place to movement, and from movement to the measurement of time, On the Sphere is a full, complex, and intricate account of astronomy and its uses, laid out on both the grandest of scales and the most intimate – the human viewer peering upwards. It is a real privilege to be part of the BSHS online festival – and in such a wide-ranging programme. We are on at 12 today and look forward to this very much indeed. 

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