Getting Hands-on with Medieval Science

Poster for Keynote - Dublin 2

News of the next public talk from the Ordered Universe, which takes place in Dublin, at the Trinity College Long Room Hub, Neill Lecture Theatre: Tuesday 18th September 2018, 18.00-19.15. The talk, ‘Getting Hands-on with Medieval Science’ will be delivered by Professor Giles Gasper (Durham University) and Dr Seb Falk (University of Cambridge). Giles will introduce the Ordered Universe project, its blend of medieval studies and modern science, the scope and range of its subject – the scientific writings of Robert Grosseteste – and excitement and dynamic of collaborating across disciplinary frontiers. Seb, a Junior Research Fellow at Girton College, and expert in the medieval mathematical sciences, will speak about, and demonstrate, the tools of medieval starcraft, the astrolabe in particular. With examples from the Middle Ages of practice in, and beyond, the universities the talk will open up a different world, and a different way of looking at the night skies.

All are welcome and please do spread the word. For any inquiries please contact

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