Knowing and Speaking – Ordered Universe Publications Updates

It is a particular pleasure to be able to report on progress on Ordered Universe publications. The main news is that our first volume in the seven-volume series with Oxford University Press is completed and is accepted for publication. Knowing and Speaking presents the first two of Grosseteste’s treatises On the Liberal Arts and On the Generation of Sounds, alongside the Middle English re-imagining of both texts as part of the longer The Seven Liberal Arts

Each treatise is presented in a critical edition, with accompanying English translation, and then extensive commentary from a variety of different  perspectives. With nineteen contributing authors the volume is sizeable, covering  a tremendous range of subjects that elucidate the three texts. This is carried out by an equally wide range of disciplinary experts: medieval history, philosophy, theology, literature, arabic studies, physics, psychology, engineering, and electronic engineering. We are very pleased with the results, and look forward to the final product at some point next year. In the meantime work continues apace with the second volume. This features two treatises, On the Sphere and On the Six ‘Differentiae’. Much more collaborative outputs to come – and a cracking team with which to work.

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