Light Fantasic! Ordered Universe at Trinity College Dublin

After our summer breaks, Ordered Universe members will be convening for our next symposium. This time we are hosted by Laura Claver at Trinity College Dublin. We’re very much looking forward to being in Ireland, and have a full schedule of texts to examine. Meeting between 17th and 20th September, we’ll be looking at Grosseteste’s treatises On Light (familiar to many!), a final reading of On Comets, and second readings for On Bodily Motion and Light and On the Supercelestial MotionsThe symposium takes place in the Trinity Long Room Hub and Marsh’s Library; so quite a treat for the team. As ever we’re very grateful to the local organisation and the opportunity to share research with wider circles in academe and beyond. There will be a public lecture, to take place on Tuesday 18th September, by Giles Gasper and Seb Falk. ‘Getting Hands-on with Medieval Science’ will start at 18.00 in the Neill Lecture Theatre. We’ll put out a separate post for that with more details. Much more to come, and a busy year ahead – thanks for reading and supporting the project!

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