Through a Glass Darkly – More and more things to do with glass!

Work continues apace for the October 2017 launch of the National Glass Centre exhibition by Cate and Colin based on research from the Ordered Universe and the scientific world of Robert Grosseteste. The official launch date is 20th October and the exhibition will run until March 2018. A visit with Giles Gasper, Alexandra Carr, photographer Rosie Reed Gold (whose photographs are used here), and OxNet Southmoor Academy co-ordinator Katarzyna Kosior, revealed the riches in store.

Cate’s sculptures are coming together, literally, with glass all nearly supplied and in the process of being sculpted. The photographs above show some of the amazing effects within the pieces for display. The photographs below show a little more, as well as one of the finished pieces, running from black to white, the making of the opening halo-casting piece (you’ll have to come along to see what this is), and a representation of medieval text to be cast in glass (which had at least one medievalist very excited).

Colin’s exploded rainbow, with its bands with colours running into each other is nearing completion. He has moved on to woking on the wall-mounted pieces, a complex glass-blowing exercise, which has to be seen to be believed. In the film below, five additional helpers were needed to bring the glass piece to its final form.

 The precision, artistry and planning needed for all of these pieces to come to being has been a process as exciting as it is humbling to witness and within which to participate. To bring current and past conceptions of the world around us to life in this way, to contribute to inspiring others and to share ideas and expertise is, surely, what university-led research is all about. Light, colour, heat and action – all will be ready for October!

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